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Free Monthly Current Affairs Magazines for UPSC IAS Exam Preparation

Magazines are also reading materials and so very helpful when you are preparing for UPSC civil service exams. A lots of current affairs magazines available in the market for preparation of UPSC, but need not to read all the magazines. Reading article from Best Current Affairs Magazine will help you to get high marks in the civil service exam. Since these articles are written by different authors on several topics, it helps the candidates produce broad range of thoughts and suggestions which will be profitable for civil service exams and interviews. If you are perplexed about which is the best magazine for ias preparation, carry on to read for finding more about the best monthly affairs Magazine for UPSC exam preparation.

How to Read UPSC Magazines?

Kurukshetra Magazine: kurukshetra Magazine monthly published articles on rural development to all or any individuals groups, cost free groups and generous talk on coun try development in extraordinary highlight on rural cause.

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The best current affairs magazine is a monthly publication on rustic development published by Ministry of Rural Development. Kurukshetra magazine age published to talk about rural development plans working in rustic areas in India. Rural development conducts the key to sustainable financial growth and human development India's rise as a world power depends on its capability to accept the challenge of provincial poverty and development efficiently.

Best magazine for IAS preparation is imperative for UPSC applicants and state PSC exams since it talk about each scheme driven in country regions successfully that is most critical for UPSC IAS Exam extraordinarily for candidate so you should need to peruse Kurukshetra magazine monthly.

Free Download Yojana Magazine for UPSC Exam

Yojana Magazine: Yojana magazine is the useful stand for consideration of social and economic development issues of the country through the in-depth review of the issues regarding government schemes. Yojana magazine is issued by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. Yojana magazine is issued since 1956 in various regional languages like Hindi, English, Kannada, Gujarati, Malayalam, Punjabi, Tamil, Marathi, Kudiyan, Telugu, Urdu, Assamese, and Bengali etc

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Why Yojana magazine is essential for UPSC and other state PSC examinations.

Yojana magazine acts an important role, those candidates who are preparing for UPSC civil services exam for both prelims and mains examinations. As the major part of the questions asked in UPSC examinations for government projects and current affairs issuing from this magazine.

Here are some of the best magazines for UPSC preparation:

  • 1. Yojana Magazine
  • 2. Kurukshetra Magazine
  • 3. Economic & Political Weekly Magazine
  • 4. The Economist Magazine
  • 5. Science Reporter Magazine
  • 6. Frontline Magazine
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