How to prepare for the online bank exams?

How to prepare for the online bank exams?

As the advancement in technology is revolutionizing, the exams in different sectors for the recruitment are also adopting changes in the mode of exams throughout the country. Presently, youngsters are directing their career towards banking sector due to the availability of golden opportunities in it. The presence of beneficial career option in the banking sector has motivated the young aspirants to select the banking sector.

Accordingly, many major bank exam organizations have adopted the changes in the mode of examination and have already implemented these changes in the exams. Thus, now banking exams are conducted online which means exams are computerized.

The online test series for bank have the mix response from the senior academics as well as from the test takers as some of them are comfortable with the computerized online exams and some are not comfortable.

In spite of benefits of the computerized online exam, many of the experts have criticized this mode of the exams as they believed that this was not going to evaluate the capability of aspirants in an accurate manner as there is the difference in the familiarity and access of computer technology.

Pros and Cons of the computerized online bank exams

As the discussion move further, we must analyze the advantages of the computerized bank exams along with its disadvantages. It will help the aspirants in getting a better view of the computerized mode of bank exam.


  • 1. It is very convenient and easy to conduct the exam in the specified test centers.
  • 2. The chances for leakage of bank exams are reduced with the computerized bank exams. The chances of leakage are more in the pen and paper mode of exams.
  • 3. The bank exam papers can be easily drafted in various formats without being at the risk of leakage.
  • 4. The overall cost of conducting the computerized bank exams is very low.
  • 5. Use of interactive content like graphics and charts is possible in the online mode of bank exams.
  • 6. Minimal chance of human error and cheating in bank exams.
  • 7. The assessment of exam papers is comparatively very quick.
  • 8. The results get announced faster.
  • 9. The instructions for exams are very simple.


  • 1. It is not necessary that all the aspirants of bank exam know how to work on the computer.
  • 2. The aspirants are not familiar with this mode of the exam which arises the discomfort during the exams.
  • 3. It is possible that there is a low availability of computers in the center.
  • 4. There may be the computer related issues during the exams.

The list of pros and cons of the exam clearly shows that the numbers of pros are more than the cons. Therefore, IBPS, ,RBI and so on are adopting the online mode of exams for recruitment of candidates for various posts like PO, clerk and much more. Initially, it can be uncomfortable but later the aspirants will understand the importance of online computerized bank tests. Nowadays, all the banking services are going online, therefore, aspirants must have the knowledge of computer technology.

Important tips for the preparation of Banking Exams like PO and Clerk

The computerized banking exams are still in the adoptive stage and yet many exams are still in the row to adopt this online mode of the exam. Soon, these computerized exams are going to be standardized exams for all the banking exams. The aspirants who wish to appear for the banking exams must get familiar with the computer technology to get success in the exams. In addition, getting familiarity with the testing environment will also help the aspirants to get familiar with the exam test and style. It will make them understand how computer online tests work in reality.

Getting familiar with the banking online exam environment

Banking online exams have faced the criticism because of the lack of familiarity of aspirants with the environment and style of online bank exams. The lack of comfort zone in answering the answers online is the main issue with online bank exams. So, the solution to this problem is aspirants getting familiarizing with this innovative style of banking exams. This will help them to grasp the concept of online exams. Along with getting familiar with the exam format, one will also understand the instruction in advanced to be carried out during the exams.

Using technology to your own advantage

Technology has always been the solution to a problem. As you want to have your career in banking sector, then it will be essential for you to get friendly with the computer technology and reducing your efforts to get the work done.

Identifying strengths along with weaknesses

During the course of getting familiar with the online technology for banking exams, you will be able to identify your own strengths and weakness. Working on each of your weakness will show you the path to success. For example, you may face the problem in solving the questions of English Language on online mode, then it will push you to start practicing the question on online mode to get perfection.

Going for online mock tests

One should go for the option of practicing mock tests which are conducted by many coaching centers and online websites. This will help them in understanding the exam pattern for the online bank exam.

Using shortcuts

There are many shortcuts and tricks for solving the questions in banking exams which saves your time. Practicing these tricks in solving the questions will help you a lot in the computerized bank exam tests.